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Published: 18th March 2014

WMN March 2014

I’m a believer

Published: 18th March 2014

Ian Hislop on religious TV.

The 2013 Bishop's Lent Appeal - what did it achieve?

Published: 6th March 2014

What is the Lent Appeal? The Bishop's Lent Appeal is an annual invitation to people and parishes around the diocese to give generously to projects within the diocese and around the world. As we think about the 2014 appeal, here's a glimpse into what it achieves.

St Chad's Day

Published: 28th February 2014

St Chad's Day will again be celebrated this Sunday, 2nd March. On Saturday it is the second annual Service of Commitment of the Community of St Chad.

Reaching New Generations

Published: 25th February 2014

Reaching New Generations is one of the key themes of this diocese and the title of a series of celebrations around the diocese this month. Video

Celebrating Marriage

Published: 25th February 2014

A Shrewsbury church is bidding for a place in the Guinness Book of Records at a service to renew wedding vows on Saturday 8 February.

Icons as Liturgical Art

Published: 13th February 2014

February in Lichfield Cathedral will stand out as a great opportunity to contemplate the place of icons in our spiritual lives.

Courses - Lent to all

Published: 30th January 2014

Like buses, home-grown Lent courses arrive in twos.


Published: 30th January 2014

Planning your own funeral and how we would like to be remembered are just two of the topics being discussed in 'GraveTalk', conversations being run in the Diocese of Lichfield to provide people with the opportunity to talk about funerals and death.

Tamworth Street Angels Commissioned

Published: 21st January 2014

Members of Tamworth's Covenanting Churches (TCC) crowded into St Editha's Church on Sunday to celebrate the town's many social action projects and to commission Tamworth Street Angels.

Doing us credit

Published: 20th January 2014

Shifnal is now served by a new FAIRshare Service Point.

"Re-enchanting Christianity" by Revd Dave Tomlinson

Published: 13th January 2014

"Re-enchanting Christianity" is the subject of a lecture by Revd Dave Tomlinson at 10.00 on Monday 3rd February at the University of Wolverhampton.

Bishop Jonathan raises plight of Malaysia's Christians

Published: 9th January 2014

The Bishop of Lichfield, Rt Revd Jonathan Gledhill, has raised the question of freedom of worship for Malaysia's Christians in a parliamentary question.

Bishop Jonathan's Epiphany Message

Published: 6th January 2014

In his first video of 2014, the Bishop of Lichfield encourages all Christians to play to their strengths and be involved in the worshipping life of their church.

Christmas starts with Christ

Published: 20th December 2013

Looking for the ideal Christmas gift?

Christmas starts with Christ

Published: 19th December 2013

We all know it's Christmas, but what does that mean?

Good News for shoppers

Published: 17th December 2013

A Christian Bag for Life is a simple idea that comes from Steve Ryder.

Video Challenge set for young Christians

Published: 17th December 2013

People aged 15-30 are being invited to express their faith through video in the 30-60-30 Challenge.

St Chads Volunteer Programme celebrates a milestone

Published: 13th December 2013

10 December 2014 was a very special day for the St Chads Volunteer Programme. a refugee

Published: 11th December 2013

Good food and a story are key parts of Christmas celebrations, but a series of meetings in leafy Staffordshire are hearing some with less happy endings.

#ChristmasStarts...with a picture

Published: 10th December 2013

Perhaps you were never Mary in your school nativity, and are still looking for your big moment?

Remembering Nelson Mandela

Published: 9th December 2013

People across the diocese are giving thanks for the life of Nelson Mandela, whose life has transformed the nation of South Africa, and influenced generations all around the world.

Shropshire Light

Published: 20th November 2013

Shropshire Light | A day conference for Christians across Shropshire. Former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey will be the keynote speaker. See video of last year's conference.

Shropshire Light

Published: 20th November 2013

Shropshire Light was an all-age conference that attracted national attention, especially Lord Carey's speech.

All is safely gathered in

Published: 19th November 2013

As the shops begin to proclaim the season of consumer fever, we are taking a moment to reflect back on an unusual celebration of God's generous provision.

The Nation Remembers

Published: 11th November 2013

11am on the 11th day of the 11th month - and the nation stops to remember.

Former Bishop of Shrewsbury introduced to the House of Lords

Published: 8th November 2013

The Rt Revd Alan Smith, the former Area Bishop of Shrewsbury between 2001 & 2009, was introduced to the House of Lords on Tuesday, 5 November.

Shawbury residents enjoy fruits of town and church working together

Published: 1st November 2013

An unloved area on the edge of Shawbury has become a pleasant space for the community thanks to a project by the local parish council working with the Diocese of Lichfield. As well as tidying derelict land, paths have been laid enabling access for all. See video.

The Vicar's Wife gives the secret to domestic sainthood

Published: 30th October 2013

A vicar's wife from West Bromwich will today launch her book 'The Ministry of a Messy House: Grace in Place of Guilt' at an event in Birmingham's biggest Christian bookshop. See Video

Local vicar elected to attend House of Bishops

Published: 30th October 2013

Barlaston vicar Jane Tillier has been elected as one of eight female clergy nationwide who will attend the House of Bishops.

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