Generous Hope


Generous Hope is our diocesan focus for Advent 2021 and the early part of 2022. We are celebrating the generosity of God who inspires us to live generously – as individuals and churches in our communities.

During Advent, linking to the national Church of England’s At The Heart Of Christmas theme, we will be highlighting inspirational acts of generosity across our diocese through a special Advent calendar on Facebook. We’d love to hear about any examples of generosity you’ve been involved in our come across – email us at

Read this letter sent from Bishop Michael about Generous Hope.

Matlosane group photo

Generous Hope will also see us raise money for the Church in Matlosane, our companion diocese in South Africa. Matlosane has been hard hit by COVID. Clergy, when they have been paid at all, have agreed to a 30% reduction in their stipend due to the harsh financial impact of the pandemic. Medical aid for clergy has also been downgraded and clergy have not been able to attend retreats for two years. Our brothers and sisters in Matlosane are a blessing to us – so please give generously to bless them this Christmas via our Justgiving page.

Here's a special message from Bishop Steve Diseko, Bishop of Matlosane.

Bishop Michael's Advent sermon, focusing on generosity, grace, longing and transformation, is now available on Youtube for parishes to use during their Advent services, along with a transcript. The 12-minute sermon can also be downloaded. You can also view it below.

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