In all our communications, we want to share news of God at work and support the vision of the Diocese.

We help churches, groups and other people across the Diocese with everything from crisis media relations and press releases to social media, website and leaflet advice. We can offer communications training, media training and come and talk to churches and deaneries.

If you have a story to share from your church or community, please do get in touch.

We encourage parishes to give their communications the maximum effectiveness their resources permit. At its simplest, every parish should ensure its A Church Near You page is up to date. This website is scoured by search engines and links directly into the diocesan website. It is the most common source of information about churches for visitors and newcomers. To amend data at ACNY you need to register and then login to amend your entry.

We respond to enquiries from the media for the Diocese and on behalf of parishes.

We manage diocesan communications channels including this website, our social media and various internal communications tools.

Communications Team

Office: 01543 306097


Director of Communications

Currently vacant



Simon Jones

Office: 01543 306097
Mobile: 07973 625665

Creative Media Producer

Simon joined the diocese in 2012 after career as a sound recordist in broadcasting and corporate video production.

He takes particular responsibility for video and audio production, most in-house graphic design, this website and the Chad Blog.


Social Media

A number of departments also have social media channels focussing on their areas of work.

Internal Comms

Primarily for sharing news, stories and information with church leaders including Wardens, PCC members, Treasurers, lay ministers and clergy

1) The Bulletin

Our fortnightly email newsletter carries news particularly relevant to church officers, PCC members and clergy. It is free to sign up using the form below:

2) The Chad Blog

The Chad Blog is a place of reflection on topics not necessarily tied to particular events from people around the diocese - lay and clergy as well as Diocesan officers and bishops.

It incorporates the monthly reflection from one of our Bishops or other senior clergy that has been know for many years as the Bishops' Pastoral Letter. Parish magazine editors can get each month's Pastoral Letter in advance by emailing the Comms Dept, stating which parish they edit for and asking to be added to the distribution email - that way they will receive it as soon as it is available.

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Our regular email news service for clergy and other church leaders in the diocese

Parishes Online

A concise outline to get parishes started online

Social Media Guidance

As Christians seeking to witness and grow disciples, we must be wherever people congregate. Lichfield Diocese seeks to have an active presence on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter/X.

Social Media Policy

Who is covered by this policy? Employees of the Lichfield Diocese Board of Finance (LDBF), clergy and church workers are subject to this Social Media Policy.

Social Media Strategy Guide

What is the purpose of your social media presence?

Parish Magazine Survey 2022 results

The diocese offers a couple or articles each month to parish/village magazine editors. At the end of 2022, we surveyed those editors to see if they hit the mark.

Safeguarding statements on parish websites, ACNY

As advised over recent years, every parish website in the Church of England is required to include a prominent link on its homepage to essential safeguarding information.

How to become more discoverable online

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