Contactless Giving


Contactless Giving is here!

The Diocese are currently offering a scheme where the parish or church purchase a contactless machine to suit their needs and the Diocese will give a grant of up to £300 towards the purchase cost. In some cases, churches have bought a machine that is less than £300, so have had a full reimbursement.

We have recommended to parishes to look at purchasing a machine through Parish Buying.

The link below will take you directly to the contactless section on their website.

 Parish Buying - Contactless Giving

 As you will see, there are several machines available, and your choice will depend on your individual church’s requirements. Several parishes have successfully purchased the machines below:

CollecTin More


PB GivingStation3


Contactless is all around us, why not in our churches! We would love to have a device in every church over the next 5 years, the potential for weddings, larger services and occasional visitors is tremendous and we hope this will not only raise much needed funds but also encourage our donors to give more freely towards furthering the Kingdom of God in our journey of discipleship together.  If you are interested please drop us a line

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