Prayer Diary 2022

The Diocesan Prayer Diary continues to take forward the ‘Shaping for Mission’ deanery focus, whilst remembering the many varied roles and ministries across our Diocese. As People of Hope we remain mindful too of the implications of Covid-19, both locally and globally. 

  • You may also wish to use the Anglican Cycle of Prayer which includes daily prayer for the entire Anglican Communion.
  • Our DVE team have produced a useful pdf with ideas and links for prayer during this time.

To receive the Prayer Diary every week via email please contact Denise Keen.We are most grateful for people submitting contributions for the Diocesan Prayer Diary.
Thank you for your support and if you have any further comments, suggestions or prayer requests please forward these to us by email.

Diocesan 24-hour Day of Prayer Wednesday 19th – Thursday 20th October 2022, 12 noon to 12 noon. Please plan to join in prayer in the diocese’s virtual prayer room via Zoom Meeting ID: 846 1486 3883 Passcode: 356202, not just when your deanery is praying but also to support others.     Further details available from Denise Keen or the Day of Prayer webpage.

September 2022

  • w/b 02-10-22 PDF verson, Word version
  • w/b 25/09/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 18/09/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 11/09/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 04/09/22 PDF version, Word version

August 2022

  • w/b 28/08/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 21/08/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 14/08/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 07/08/22 PDF version, Word version

July 2022

  • w/b 31/07/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 24/07/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 17/07/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 10/07/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 03/07/22 PDF version, Word version

June 2022

  • w/b 26/06/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 19/06/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 12/06/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 05/06/22 PDF version, Word version

May 2022

  • w/b 29/05/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 22/05/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 15/05/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 08/05/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 01/05/22 PDF version, Word version

April 2022

  • w/b 24/04/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 17/04/22 PDF verson, Word version
  • w/b 11/04/22 PDF verson, Word version
  • w/b 04/04/22 PDF verson, Word version

March 2022

  • w/b 27/03/22 PDF verson, Word version
  • w/b 20/03/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 13/03/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 06/03/22 PDF version, Word version

February 2022

  • w/b 27/02/22 PDF verson, Word version
  • w/b 20/02/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 13/02/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 06/02/22 PDF version, Word version

January 2022

  • w/b 30/01/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 23/01/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 16/01/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 09/01/22 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 02/01/22 PDF version, Word version

You can get these prayer points delivered to your mobile automatically through the free PrayerMate app on iOS and Android. For further information please click here.


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