Reflections from April 2022 Diocesan Day of Prayer

We again held 24-hour of focused prayer on 8th and 9th April 2022

On behalf of the diocesan team, we want to say a heartfelt thank you to all those who took part in the Day of Prayer on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 April. This was our fourth diocesan 24 hours of prayer, and we were delighted to see an even higher level of engagement from our deaneries. It was exciting to have a dedicated Zoom room throughout the 24-hour period due, this year, to be occupied for the whole time - unfortunately a technical hitch meant it was unavailable for a few hours, though prayer continued offline. Our apologies to any ‘early birds’ who were disappointed not to make contact – we will endeavour to rectify the problem for next time.

We were also very pleased to be supported by diocesan departments, and by staff and friends of Lichfield Cathedral. It was very helpful to hear about the work and ministries of colleagues and the issues they face, which allows us to pray in a more informed way.

Two participants have already shared their responses to being part of the day:

The 2-3am session was an extremely helpful hour, there were 4 of us. We are all passionate about the problems of addiction and the impact it has on those who have a loved one who is suffering.


I did not attend all that much, but thoroughly enjoyed what I did attend and felt so encouraged as I worked on Friday and Saturday to think of all those people praying!  I think my Benefice made some new friends during the “handover” time.

We look forward, in the coming weeks, to hearing about the impact the Day of Prayer has had on our deaneries – please do email Denise Keen with your thoughts, suggestions and incidences of answered prayer.

Week by week, the Diocesan Prayer Diary gives ideas to encourage our praying with a focus on three deaneries each week, along with a regular weekly focus on the world church and various roles and ministries around the Diocese. Please email Denise Keen to receive the Prayer Diary regularly.

May we be shaped by the Good News of Jesus, the light of the world
And may we seek your kingdom as People of Hope. Amen.  (taken from the Shaping for Mission prayer)

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