Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid enables basic rate tax to be reclaimed by registered charities on donations they have received. Donors must pay sufficient UK tax to cover the tax reclaimed by charities on their donations. A Gift Aid Declaration must also be in place to cover these donations. It is essential that adequate audit trails are in place to trace all donations claimed upon. Every £1 that you donate under Gift Aid becomes £1.25 to your Church!

Diocesan Central Scheme

Lichfield Diocesan Board of Finance administer a central Gift Aid scheme and make claims on behalf of Parishes. The advantages of being part of this service are a high standard of Service, declaration care, preparation of claims, Gift Aid Secretary support and regular audits

All parishes on the Scheme are audited by the Diocese every 3 to 4 years, or more regularly if required, to ensure that the procedures in the parish meet HMRC Charities requirements.

 There is no charge to be in the central scheme.

Gift Aid Resources:

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