Mandy Gets Ministry Role

Published: 16th September 2013

OLMs and NSMs in the Lichfield Diocese will have a new voice when it comes to future strategic decision making.The Revd. Preb Amanda Rylands is taking on the role of Self Supporting Ministry Officer for the Diocese, an appointment made by the Bishop of Lichfield, the Rt Revd Jonathan Gledhill.'Mandy will be expected to take a strategic role in the Diocese, making sure that OLM and NSM ministry takes its rightful place within the ordained ministry of the Diocese. She is well placed to occupy this role, having considerable experience as an NSM herself. She will ensure that OLM and NSM ministry takes its rightful place within the ordained ministry of the Diocese. The voluntary post replaces the OLM and NSM officer posts in the Diocese,'' he said.Formerly Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Bishop's adviser for women's ministry the Diocese of Exeter before moving to the Lichfield Diocese in 2009 when her husband was appointed Bishop of Shrewsbury, she is aiming to ensure that there is full recognition of the role of OLMs and NSMs and opportunities for them to realise their potential within the new structures.'We want to enable and encourage these God given groups of people, who work voluntarily, to flourish and grow at a time of change in the Diocese,' she said. 'Theirs' is a vital and significant role in this challenging world of financial constraints and I am delighted to be taking up this new voluntary role.''She said that she hoped to meet as many of the NSMs and OLMs as possible over the course of time.''I have no desire to set up formal meetings, we all have enough of those I think, but I do want to talk and hear from the people who are working in these capacities. If I am to be their advocate in the decision making process then I do need to know how they see their jobs and the way they feel God is shaping their ministries around the Dioceese.''

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