Our resources on dementia

In the Diocese of Lichfield, we have various resources which we are using with churches, to help them become more dementia-friendly churches at the heart of dementia-friendly communities. We’re glad to share these resources – and they are available for anyone to download/use.

Dementia-friendly Services

And the following services raising awareness about dementia


Diocese of Lichfield video resources on dementia

We have a suite of videos which are only available to churches participating in our Diocese of Lichfield Dementia-Friendly Churches Network:

If join the Dementia-Friendly Churches Network, you are welcome to ask for access to these resources. Further, there is an open invitation to anyone within and beyond the Network to contact Hazel Twig Collective to discuss the possibility of staging a performance of 'The Disappearance of Eliza Grey'.

  • Dementia Action Week 2023 – Bishop Michael and “Praying from the Heart”
  • Revd Sam Johnson's presentation, describing his exploration of the interplay from studying spirituality, theology (and how to be a vicar) alongside his expereinces of working with those living with dementia:


  • From 2019 - Ellesmere became the first Dementia-friendly Deanery:
  • From 2020, “Dementia-Friendly Churches – the story so far in Lichfield Diocese”

  • Also from 2020, a video giving the national perspective of the growth of dementia-friendly churches across the UK. (Both videos were sponsored by Staffordshire University). 
  • From 2020 Dementia-Friendly Churches Training Day, Bishop Michael focuses on the three themes of “listening, participating and learning” in this 10-minute video:
  • From the October 2020 Dementia-Friendly Churches Training Day, opening 45-minute session giving an overview of our work, as well as sharing Clive and Barbara Rogers’ experience of dementia and giving headlines of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on people with dementia, and also including Bishop Michael’s words:

Other video resources on dementia

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