Like Son, Like Father

Published: 15th July 2014

It's not unusual to find married couples who follow each other along the path to ordination, but this June was a joyful time for the Merry family.

10 million rely on church community support shows new research

Published: 15th July 2014

New research conducted for the Church Urban Fund, CUF, shows that 10 million adults a year in England use community services from churches.

Pioneering minister for 50 years, Revd Beryl Morgan remembered

Published: 15th July 2014

It is impossible to remember every member of the diocese when they die, but just occasionally we have to observe the passing of someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to the diocese.

Enabling Churches Conference Resounding Success

Published: 8th July 2014

"The Enabling Churches conference held in the diocese was a resounding success" says Bishop Clive Gregory.

For Richer, For Poorer - hearing stories of poverty and partnership

Published: 30th June 2014

'If people are in poverty, then it's their own fault' is a common generalisation, but close encounters with those who experience poverty are proving that is rarely the case.

New Revs Ordained

Published: 30th June 2014

There were great celebrations this weekend as twenty-two new Reverends were ordained in Lichfield Cathedral.

Inspiring All Age Worship

Published: 13th June 2014

A day conference on leading worship that really is all-age (and all traditions/styles), at The Beacon International Centre, Stafford, Saturday June 28, 10am - 4pm.

Leek Club Day

Published: 13th June 2014

Each July, Leek holds an ecumenical festival, one of the biggest events in the Staffordshire Moorlands. Leek Club Day is a tradition with over 200 years of history, and an institution well supported by the community.

For Richer, For Poorer

Published: 6th June 2014

On Saturday June 14, the Bishop of Lichfield is hosting "For Richer, For Poorer" at the Beacon International Centre, Stafford, from 10am - 3pm.

Soul Purpose Celebrates its Tenth Outing

Published: 4th June 2014

A generation of teenagers has learned to grow their faith through giving their time to local communities thanks to Soul Purpose, which celebrated its tenth year this weekend.

Celebrating Men and Women Working Together in Ministry

Published: 23rd May 2014

There was celebration at Lichfield Cathedral on Saturday as the Diocese marked the 20th anniversary of the ordination of the first women priests.

Diocese launches new video to support Safeguarding in Parishes

Published: 23rd May 2014

The Diocese of Lichfield has launched a new DVD to provide basic Safeguarding training in parishes.

Time Out Of Church is focus of Stafford Area Lecture

Published: 23rd May 2014

At a stimulating session for church leaders, Neil Hudson from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity asked how people put our faith into practice in our everyday lives.

Enabling Church conference filling fast

Published: 22nd May 2014

A major national conference supported in part by the Bishop's Lent Appeal takes place on June 3.

Celebrating Priesthood

Published: 15th May 2014

It is the 20th anniversary of women's ordination to the priesthood, and there are national celebrations, including a service at St Paul's Cathedral on May 3rd.

Bishop Jonathan interviewed by Jack the Puppet at launch of Christian Aid Week

Published: 15th May 2014

Puppet Jack, who is 6 years old, interviewed Rt Reverend Jonathan Gledhill, Bishop of Lichfield, to launch Christian Aid Week 2014.

Easter Decoded

Published: 1st May 2014

Easter Decoded: Easter Sunday in 60 seconds, spoken by Reverend Lee Plummer.

Easter Reflections by our Bishops

Published: 1st May 2014

"God has got heaven ready and open for us. It's really exciting to think that death is not the end." Bishop of Lichfield, Jonathan Gledhill gives his thoughts on Easter. "

Sandwell Churches Link Project

Published: 1st May 2014

30+ Churches, 8+ denominations, 6 Towns, 3 Anglican dioceses, 2 Methodist Circuits = 1 church serving the poor. Sandwell Churches Link Project.

Easter Decoded

Published: 18th April 2014

Easter Decoded. Revd Daniel Njuguna from Wednesbury explains the significance of Good Friday.

Easter Decoded

Published: 17th April 2014

Easter Decoded. Revd Sally Smith from Hanley Team Ministry explains the significance of Maundy Thursday.

The Chrism Eucharist

Published: 17th April 2014

One of the special but less widely understood services in the Church's calendar is the Chrism Eucharist which takes place in the cathedral of each diocese on the morning of Maundy Thursday.

Listen to God

Published: 10th April 2014

Anglican and Catholic bishops, united in their support for the poor, visited Stoke-on-Trent foodbank as part of the #ListenToGod campaign led by Archbishop Justin Welby and Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

New Bishop's Adviser on Pastoral Care and Well-Being

Published: 9th April 2014

Revd Preb Dr Jane Tillier appointed Bishop's Adviser on Pastoral Care and Well-Being

God at Work

Published: 3rd April 2014

It is said that 'Christ is for life, not just for Sundays' - so what does that mean in reality? A group of young disciples and enquirers in Wolverhampton has been finding out.

Walking for a warmer church

Published: 1st April 2014

A sponsored walk from Milton Church to Lichfield Cathedral in Holy Week 2014.

God is my Refuge

Published: 27th March 2014

In more than one place in the Diocese of Lichfield, the Church of England and the YMCA are working closely together to meet the spiritual needs of the homeless.

Money at Work - The Bishop's 2013 Lent Appeal in Africa

Published: 25th March 2014

Growing Leaders was the theme of the Bishop's Lent Appeal in 2013. In distributing the overseas half of the funds raised, great care, joy and gratitude have been found.

CECET launch to boost church schools

Published: 25th March 2014

The Church of England Central Education Trust (CECET) launched on March 25th in Lichfield: a ground-breaking institution in UK education.

"People walked by and ignored me"

Published: 24th March 2014

Richard Hill recounts his hour selling the Big Issue.

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