Traditioned Innovation - the 2014 Selwyn Lecture

Published: 22nd October 2014

 The Archbishop of Canterbury's Chaplain, Revd Dr Jo Bailey Wells, gave this year's Selwyn Lecture. She looked at how tradition and innovation have always worked hand-in-hand - throughout history, and also now in the challenges we face as a church.

She was given a warm welcome by Bishop Jonathan and over 200 clergy among a large audience assembled in Lichfield Cathedral on Monday morning.

Merry Evans, Curate of Blurton & Dresden was one of them:

"Among the thought-provoking comments was an invitation to develop a robust theological imagination. It is only by having such a deep, well informed and creative perspective that traditions can be developed, refined and refreshed.

"In Blurton and Dresden (where I began my Deacons year in June) we are rethinking our liturgy for the monthly memorial services, I am now thinking carefully about the people who come to the service, in order to devise a liturgy which breathes Anglicanism and is engaging, missional, supportive and above all, brings people into the presence of God."

The lectures were recorded and are now available in audio and video formats:

In Part 1, Patterns in scripture, Rev Dr Jo Bailey Wells shares a wonderful image of stepping backwards into the future while surveying the past. You can watch the whole thing here.

 Part 2 is entitled Patterns in church life

 Audio can be streamed (click  ) or downloaded (click )

 The 2015 Selwyn Lecture will be on Wednesday 14 October from 10.15am to 1.15pm

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