Time Out Of Church is focus of Stafford Area Lecture

Published: 23rd May 2014

At a stimulating session for church leaders, Neil Hudson from theLondon Institute for Contemporary Christianity asked how people put our faith into practice in our everyday lives. What are the challenges churches face in equipping members to live in Christ-like ways in the hours when not at church? Is mission a gesture or a posture?

Hear the story of the grandmother who didn't realise she was cascading her faith and her vicar who suddenly had the insight to ask 'So what could I preach that would be more helpful when you talk to your granddaughter'?

Neil is director of LICC's Life on the Frontline project, a six session bundle of video and discussion that churches and small groups can use (and a number in this diocese already have) to bring the subject to life for themselves.

The sessions were recorded and can be listened to here:

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