Living Discipleship

Who is Living Discipleship for?

Living Discipleship is a programme for those who are seeking to work out the shape of their discipleship in the world.

Candidates for Living Discipleship may benefit from having previously done the Pathways course.

What is Living Discipleship?

Living Discipleship has replaced the Authorised Lay Ministry course. 

Living Discipleship is an opportunity to develop existing and explore new areas of lay ministry. At the end of this programme we hope you will be commissioned in your parish for ministry whether that is based in church, your community or your workplace.

Living Discipleship is a journey taken in your own context.  The programme is split into 10 modules and each module is designed to build on the previous ones to support you in discerning the shape of your own discipleship and ministry.

Through a process of exploration and reflection and with the support of your Incumbent and a Parish Companion from your local Christian community, Living Discipleship will help you to affirm or discover your unique calling for each sphere of life.

What does Living Discipleship involve?

The Living Discipleship programme is split into 10 modules, each of which include some Bible study, reflection, learning and an invitation to explore some of the themes of the module in your everyday life. 

You will be provided with study and reflection material for each of the 10 modules, with most of the work being self-study and reflection on practice.  A sample of Module 1: Week 1 can be viewed here.

The ten modules are:

1: A vision for Christian Life

2: Knowing Myself

3. Encountering the World

4: Christian Community & Accountability

5: Making Ministry Real

6: Discipleship & Ministry Project

7: Being a Disciple in an Unjust World

8: Developing Discipleship with Others

9: Changing Church Changing World

10: Living it Out

You will be sent the material for each chapter once you have completed the previous one.

Every other module (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) includes a meeting with a Parish Companion. The Parish Companion will be allocated to you by your church and will help you to reflect on your journey of discipleship, discern areas for further exploration and identify key aspects of your ministry.

How long does Living Discipleship take?

The programme can be taken in your own time. It is designed to be done over the course of a year, but it is up to each individual as to how long they spend on the programme.

Each module is designed to be done over a month, but you can work through the chapters at your own pace.

How do I apply for the Living Discipleship programme?

You can apply for the Living Discipleship programme at any time and can start the programme at any time.

If you are interested in applying for the Living Discipleship programme, you should have the support of your incumbent and PCC.

The cost of the course is 50.00 which is normally covered by the participant's parish.

Application forms are available here.

For more information or an application form, please contact Helen Scheven, Training Co-ordinator by email .

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