Our Parishes

The Church of England has a byline that says: "A Christian presence in every community."

That is provided by a network of parishes - on which most civil parishes are or were founded. 

That Christian presence is provided through groups of believers who form each local church. We often create confusion by using the word 'church' in two ways: properly, it is the name for the people of God, who share faith in Jesus Christ. But as often as not, we also use it to describe the building in which each local segment of the Church meets.

In this section are links to pages to Find a Church and Find a Person - a member of the clergy or diocesan staff.

We like to think that Lichfield is a great diocese in which to serve the church - so there are also links to our job vacancies and gazette of recent appointments.

Our churches are often amazing places that as well as looking upward in worship, look outward and contribute greatly to the local community. It may be running food banks, supporting schools, running dementia support groups or providing welcome to refugees. Parenting classes, meeting places, history or parenting classes.

Our churches serve the whole community and provide weddingschristenings and funerals to anyone who lives within the parish (with occasional caveats).

And there are times when groups from churches need support, training or simply a break themselves. People find that in many places, but we have two venues of our own that provide great facilities and service:

  • Shallowford House is in the middle of the Diocese near Stone and is ideal as a place for meetings, conferences and retreats
  • Dovedale House is on the north-western edge of the Diocese, in the beautiful Peak District. Its location and facilities are ideal for getting away from modern life, and the numerous 'outward bound' opportunities and more rugged accommodation makes it ideal for youth groups and church holidays.

NewsSpotlight and Transforming Church and Communities pages are full of stories about our churches and the communities they serve.

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