The Transforming Communities Department...

supports churches as they engage with their local communities, that in obedience to God, they might discern the movement of God’s Spirit in the world and express the love of Christ. Specifically, it aims to:

1 support churches as they engage with their local communities

2 engage with statutory services and with the voluntary sector promoting the role of the church

3 advise senior staff on matters of social justice and care

4 network with national colleagues

Transforming Communities

The local church is a community in transformation, and shares in the transformation of its local community.

David Primrose
David Primrose, Director, Transforming Communities

"When churches develop relationships which go deeper than their differences, they discover the depth of the good news they have to share" Revd Dr David Primrose, Diocesan Director of Transforming Communities

For Richer, For Poorer (FRFP) is a church partnership initiative that was developed in the Diocese of Lichfield from 2013-2017.  The following report reflects on this initiative, offering insight to those within the Diocese of Lichfield and beyond who want to re-imagine how churches can learn and work together. 

For Richer, For Poorer Report

The Transforming Communities Department celebrates the diverse ways in which local churches engage with their communities.  We offer support as they address contemporary issues. We link churches with local and national bodies with similar concerns. We have developed a network of particular resources around the themes of dementia, diversity, environment, financial resilience, interfaith, older people and social action.

Some of our work is offered through our joint venture with Church Urban FundTransforming Communities Together (TCT).

Christians are called to the vulnerability of encountering God in the world around them. Our discipleship is on-going. We discern the movement of the Holy Spirit, seeking to make known Christ’s love for all of God’s creation.

Transforming Communities, Unit 1 Three Spires, Station Road, Lichfield WS13 6HX

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