Walking to a different drum

Published: 15th October 2018

Black History Month sees celebrations at Lichfield Cathedral.

250 up for Places of Welcome

Published: 12th October 2018

A Chase Terrace church has become the 250th Place of Welcome.

Cycle challenge for mental health

Published: 11th October 2018

The Revd David Evans is urging people to get on their bike.

Prayer and Pallets for Prisoners

Published: 1st October 2018

Prisons Week has stacks of support

The broad church

Published: 1st October 2018

Eastern meets Western faith

Walking Together

Published: 28th September 2018

People are invited celebrate Black History Month at Lichfield Cathedral on 13 October.

September 2018

Published: 28th September 2018

No change, no worry!

Published: 27th September 2018

Card-carrying congregations' contactless contributions

Lighthouse begins to shine

Published: 17th September 2018

A pioneering partnership between a school, a church and its community is launched.

It's as easy as 1,2,3

Published: 13th September 2018

Thinking about dementia can be overwhelming, but small steps add up.

Bishops make Universal Credit call

Published: 13th September 2018

The Diocese's three bishops call for urgent action to help those in need.

New lay ministers celebrated

Published: 10th September 2018

The Bishop of Lichfield admits 14 new lay ministers to office at a special service.

Bishop blesses new base

Published: 10th September 2018

New facilities are opened at Three Spires House to help fufill the Diocese's vision.

Doing remembrance thoughtfully

Published: 6th September 2018

Does remembrance point us to a path of peace?

Backpacks blessed at Berkswich

Published: 5th September 2018

Students and their bags get a blessing at a special back-to-school service.

My cup overrunneth

Published: 31st August 2018

Team spirit and episcopal ambition

Kilimanjaro climb in memory of Bishop

Published: 24th August 2018

The grandsons of a popular Lichfield bishop are taking on a charity challenge.

August 2018

Published: 3rd August 2018

Appointments and Departures

Places of Welcome spreading in Tamworth

Published: 3rd August 2018

There are now five Places of Welcome in Tamworth with more to follow.

Learning from laughter

Published: 31st July 2018

No wonder Jesus urged us to be like 'little children'!

Uniform bank returns

Published: 30th July 2018

Over 130 children were kitted out in school uniform in Chell Parish last year.

Taylored to nursing homes

Published: 27th July 2018

Good practice for visiting nursing and residential homes

Offering a warm welcome thanks to £15,000 grant

Published: 20th July 2018

Places of Welcome are spreading across Lichfield District.

Bishop Mark says goodbye

Published: 18th July 2018

Bishop Mark bid farewell to the diocese at a packed service in Shrewsbury.

Setting God's People Free through national elf service

Published: 9th July 2018

Dr Lindsey Hall explores what true freedom means.

July 2018

Published: 6th July 2018

Dementia-Focused Prayers to Share

Published: 5th July 2018

St Andrew's Church, Church Aston recently held a dementia-friendly Songs of Praise service.

Learning Again

Published: 1st July 2018

Farewell Pastoral letter from Bishop Mark

#NewRevs - It's a Doc's life

Published: 27th June 2018

Medic to Cleric - three GPs are among 18 people to be ordained deacon.

Grassroots Voices have their say

Published: 27th June 2018

Wolverhampton people are given a voice on the community services that affect them.

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