Parochial Fees

What are Parochial Fees?

Parochial fees are the fees charged for certain services (sometimes called occasional offices) conducted by the Church of England. These are set by the CofEs Englands governing body, the General Synod, and Parliament. They are legally chargeable and recoverable as a debt. The current table of fees and any other forms you might need are listed below:-


Fees 2023 

The 2023 Pariochial Fees table is now available below via the link below or the Church of England website. As agreed at General Synod a new Table of Ecclesiastical Fees has been issued to take effect from 01 March 2023. 


In respect of retired clergy fees and the discretionary payment to PCCs for Funerals with No Service in Church, it has been agreed not to change these for 2023.  Therefore they remain:-

Retired Clergy - Occasional Services


Retired Clergy - Weddings


Retired Clergy - Funerals - Church


Retired Clergy - Funerals - No Church Service


PCC Element - No Church Service



Regarding future services already arranged the following guidance is given:-

Funerals – if details and charges have been sent to Funeral Directors for any funeral already arranged then do not change the instruction, however provide the new Table for future funerals.

Weddings – Recommend that where applicable the Service fee is adjusted; if paid in advance offer a refund but also ask if they would like to make it as a donation. Sadly Gift Aid can not be claimed on any such donation unless there is a refund issue and a new donation received for the amount.

Any further queries please contact


Fees 2023 



Fees 2022


Fees Returns




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