It’s a delight to be welcoming Archbishop Moon Hing and Bishop Donald Jute along with teams from their respective Dioceses of West Malaysia and Kuching to share experiences and teaching on discipleship in the 21st Century.

Their programme runs from 11-15 July and includes time in each episcopal area, seeing projects run by parishes, schools, fresh expressions and chaplaincies and sharing worship and teaching with congregations across the diocese.

The goal is to enable as many people in Lichfield Diocese as possible to have the chance to meet and hear members of the group as they share their experiences of discipleship in their contexts, to help us take forwards our focus as a diocese on discipleship. This will be primarily through a series of evening services (see below) and Sunday services to which all are welcome.

On Saturday 14 July, Archbishop Moon Hing will lead a day seminar on Advanced Intentional Discipleship which will be attended by lay and ordained leaders. On Sunday 15 July, the visitors will scatter to the four corners of the diocese to take part in services in parishes with existing or new links.