Resourcing Parish Mission

The diocese is always interested to hear about the project work that its churches are undertaking.

Some churches need advice, some have lots of previous experience and some want help searching for grants.

To support church initiatives as effectively as possible, a committee named Resourcing Parish Mission was created. This group merged the remit of the former Growth Fund, with Parish Projects Loans and Grants (PPLG). 

The people that sit on this committee bring different areas of expertise and skills to the group and welcome the opportunity to be both supportive and encouraging. As well as sharing their knowledge they are keen to pass on information about other similar Projects that might offer support learnt from their practical experience. 

The full terms of reference for this committee are availabl.

The RPM team usually meets quarterly and has, until the recent Covid pandemic, offered small grants towards: 

  • Equipment e.g. data projector, notice boards (advice from us here), AV upgrades (advice here), etc.
  • Small projects e.g. start-up funding for a new congregation, outreach activities and missions, training of children’s leaders, community activities, holiday clubs, lunch clubs, church weekends, etc.

RPM also administers:

  • LDCF (Lichfield Diocese Community Fund) available for capital or revenue costs in areas of high deprivation. These grant funds are currently suspended, and this decision will not be reviewed until 2021.

    There are two Grant streams that are still currently open for applications, and these are:
  • Enrich which is specifically for discipleship and evangelism applications and is not administered by RPM; and
  • The Don and Patricia Marsh Charitable Trust. This trust has similar criteria to LDCF with the additional requirement that Applications come from within the Walsall Archdeaconry. For information on this grant please email Fiona North.

Applications for RPM Grants towards equipment or small projects can be discussed with Richard Barrett, Mission Coordinator. At this time all diocesan staff are being encouraged to work from home. If you would like to contact Richard, please do so by email.

NB: Please note, although Applications for funding are not being accepted at this time, the DAC (Diocesan Advisory Committee) is still processing applications for permissions. If you would like to check whether you need List B Permission or Faculty Permission for a noticeboard or AV equipment, please email the Assistant DAC Secretary.

RPM Grant Applications will not be considered until any necessary Permissions are in place.

If you would like to discuss external funding for a parish project please email Fiona North who is the Parish Project Support Officer.


Resourcing Parish Mission terms of reference

modus operandi for the team formed from merging the Growth Fund and Parish Project Loans and Grants committee

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