Reaching New Generations

A Direction of Travel for Ministry with Children, Young People & Families in Lichfield Diocese

On the 16th September 2017, the then RNG Team was commissioned by +Michael at a Celebration at St John's Muxton. At this event, the team launched REACH: A Direction of Travel for Ministry with Children, Young People and Families in Lichfield Diocese, a document formed after a review and refresh of the RNG Strategy originally launched in 2012. 


  • was written to provide refreshed depth, drive and direction for ministry with children, young people and families.
  • is designed to be accessible at different points. You do not have to read the entire document to find useful resources, ideas and reflections that can be applied in your parish, benefice or deanery - just select the links on the right hand side of this page.
  • links the work we do with children, young people and families to our diocesan priorities of Discipleship, Evangelism & Vocation. These threads are woven throughout the resources online and on the accompanying leaflet.
  • encourages us all to think of children's, youth and families ministry as a continuum: 4 year olds turn into 8 year olds, who become 16 year olds, all of whom need opportunities to explore the life found in Jesus Christ.
  • promotes team and partnership working both within and across churches - we cannot do this important work alone.
  • prioritises intergenerational ministry.

We heartily invite you to explore REACH, including its PDF Download, and accompanying online resources

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