Space for Learning

Space for Learning 1-12 June 2020

The Bishop of Lichfield invites all ministers, clergy and lay, to make Space for Learning for two weeks beginning on the 1 June. Each week day during that time, there will be an opportunity to engage through different ways of learning with the theme of Being in Community.

Through talks, films, art, poetry, reading and discussion we will engage with some of the key questions of what it means for Christians to be in community, how we can build communities and what community means at a time of social distancing. More information will be added here in the coming weeks.

Space for Learning will begin on Monday 1 June when the Dean of Lichfield, the Very Revd Adrian Dorber will be exploring the theme of ‘Speaking to the mood of the nation in the wake of the covid 19 crisis’.

Using resources from the tradition of Anglican Social Theology and looking at some of the wonderful initiatives by all sorts of faith and non-faith groups to work for the common good during this time, the Dean will lead us through areas for discussion and reflection as an encouragement for everyone involved in ministry to share their experience of promoting the ethics of the Kingdom in these times.






Monday 1 June

Adrian Dorber

Speaking to the mood of the nation in the wake of the covid 19 crisis.

The Dean of Lichfield has written a Resource Pack to explore the theme and a supplementary article.

He would be glad to receive any responses by email. As mentioned in the Dean’s introduction, he hopes to be able to hold a seminar type event later in the year (restrictions allowing) where feedback can be shared and offered.

Tuesday 2 June


Yejide Peters

Engaging Woe: Using Music and Homiletic practice to Enter Joy through the Sorrowful.

Zoom discussion at 4pm on Tuesday 2 June: to take part, email Yejide Peters for the meeting link by 2pm on Tuesday 2 June - all participants will be sent the meeting link soon after.

Yejide will follow up with a paper and brief video in the coming weeks.

Wednesday 3 June

Steve Doel

The Temple Scroll, Bethany, & the Community of the Excluded

A half-hour talk on video.

4 June

Paul Darlington

Being in Community: 1 Thessalonians 1 - 3

Pre-reading: 1 Thessalonians 1-3

3 x 20 minute pre-recorded videos followed by zoom conversations. To take part, email Paul Darlington for the meeting link by 9am on Thursday 4 June - all participants will be sent the meeting link soon after. 

Full outline and video links here

Friday 5 June

Joshua Penduck

'...until the land had made up for its sabbaths: COVID, Eschatology, and the Community of Creation

There will be two pre-recorded talks made available on the St Giles YouTube channel from 11am on Thursday 4 June.

It will be followed by a zoom discussion at 11am on Friday 5 June: to take part, email Joshua Penduck for the meeting link by 4pm on Thursday 4 June - all participants will be sent the meeting link soon after. 

8 June

Chris Thorpe

Bridge Building – A Call to Community

10am: Pre-recorded video followed by time for reflection:

12noon: Zoom meeting for comments, quesions and discussion. To take part, email Chris Thorpe for the meeting link by 11am on Monday 8 June - all participants will be sent the meeting link soon after. 
1pm Finish.

Tuesday 9 June

Paul Thomas

The Church as Community: the lessons of a photo mosaic

Find Paul's written paper here and receive his invitation to respond by email.

Wednesday 10 June

Jane Dicker

Learning from the persecuted church

Video is here and additional resources and reading listed here.

Thursday 11 June

Mel Clarke

The Body isolated and the Body of Christ: Exploring the impact of Covid-19 on concepts of body, community and communion


Pre-reading: Susie Orbach on the potential impact of Covid-19 and Lockdown on social understandings of bodies and the social body to which we belong in The Guardian.

Live streamed talk at 11am and then discussion via zoom: email Mel Clark for the meeting link by 4pm on 10 June: all participants will  be sent the meeting link soon after.

Friday 12 June

Damian Feeney 

Towards a Hermeneutic of Uncertainty: Signposts and Soundbites

In two parts on zoom:

  1. Damian will speak at 10.00 - the powerpoint will help
  2. An hour for questions and discussion - this summary may be useful

To take part, email Damian Feeney for the meeting link by 4pm on Thursday 11 June - all participants will be sent the meeting link soon after. 

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