Prayer Diary

The Diocesan Prayer Diary takes forward the ‘Shaping for Mission’ Deanery focus. As People of Hope we remain mindful too of the implications of Covid-19, both locally and globally.

To receive the Prayer Diary every week via email please contact: Philip Swan

We are most grateful for people submitting contributions for the Diocesan Prayer Diary.
Thank you for your support and if you have any further comments, suggestions or prayer requests please forward these to us by email.

April 2021

  • w/b 18/04/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 11/04/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 04/04/21 PDF version, Word version

March 2021

  • w/b 28/03/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 21/03/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 14/03/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 07/03/21 PDF version, Word version

February 2021

  • w/b 28/02/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 21/02/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 14/02/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 07/02/21 PDF version, Word version

January 2021

  • w/b 31/01/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 24/01/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 17/01/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 10/01/21 PDF version, Word version
  • w/b 03/01/21 PDF version, Word version


You can get these prayer points delivered to your mobile automatically through the free PrayerMate app on iOS and Android. For further information please click here.

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