• Moscow Pilgrimage

    Bishop Michael will be leading an ecumenical pilgrimage to 'the third city of Christendom', exploring the art, architecture, history, liturgy, faith and music of the Russian Church. Read more

  • Innovate Mission (with Celebration Evening)

    Innovate Mission is 3 days of high-quality training for young leaders aged 14-18, 2 practical activities to put new skills into practice and a celebration event in June 2019. Innovate Mission starts on 22nd September and will cover many aspects of leadership as a Christian, including:
    - Taking discipleship seriously
    - Who am I and what has God called me to do?
    - Listening for Mission Opportunities
    - What is Church?
    - Evangelism: The Basics
    - Christian Leadership: The Basics

    Book tickets for £20/person at , where you’ll also find flyers, information for young people and parents, and pre-written consent forms. Read more

  • Moscow Pilgrimage info meeting

    for those interested in joining a pilgrimage to Moscow in May 2019 Read more