Bishop Michael's Installation & Season of Welcome; Readers toast 150 Years of loyal service; Mothers' Union - Away from it All holidays; A Remembered Hero; Why Remember; A Christmas Near You; Hispanic Noel TGI Monday Show winner; And All the people said...

'Come follow Christ' - invitation from Bishop Michael; Championing good funerals: Thy Kingdom Come; plans afoot for the period from Ascension Day to Pentecost: I was a stranger; the Bishop's 2017 Lent Appeal Walk the Chalk; teachers set the example at a Confirmation service in Rangemore: Budget Basics; churches in Stoke-on-Trent help people with the Cash Smart Credit Savvy sessions: Page Leaven; church culture under the microscope in new book by former Bishop's Lay Assistant: Sleep safe and sound; churches in Tamworth pilot a project for rough sleepers: Young scholar pipes up; organist from Shropshire village wins RSCM scholarship: In the foosteps of St Chad; Bishop Michael's pastoral letter.

New Revs | Soul Food | Encourage Festival | Meeting the Maker | Stepping out together | Feat of faith | Wheels of welcome | Stained glass is pits perfect | All ears for 20 years | Reach for the spires | Foundations from failure

REACH out | To boldy go | Feat of faith | Thee Festival | Answering the Call | Look to the hills | Next Steps | Journey to the font | Mind your language | A kind of blasphemy

Partnership Borneo Again | God with Us | Wowing with worship | Heartl-level connections | Enabling Advice | All at SE Asia | Next Steps | Pedalling music for 75 years | God is now here

Home-grown study for Lent | Footprints in the Diocese |Chad living | Bishop's Lent Appeal 2018 | No doubt of the benefit | More Encourage-ment | Variety enables enrichment

Blizzard of footsteps | Historic healing and transformation in Matlosane | Welcome to Oswestry | Churchyard Jubilee | Be Encourage-d | Camera boost for Bradwell | Defeating debt together | Thy Kingdom Come | Ticket to serve | The power of words

Screening the Mission | Toddler prayer marathon | Music be the food of calling | Could you Lent a hand? | The Lion, Archbishop and the Falls Rd | Clergy - please be seated | A good orange | The language of welcome | East meets West |Hope for clergy | First an anxious huddle

Sponging off slavery | Hearing God's Call | It's a Doc's Life / #NewRevs 2018 | Fostering Change | Encounter and Inspire | Joining the PC brigade | Read it on the Grapevine | Bishop Welly | Grassroots have spoken | Learning key lessons

No change, no worry / Card-carrying congregations | Time to pray | Black History Month | Toast of the town | Partnership beckons still | Pilgrims from the East | East met West | Host of talents | Cafe church | Thank you | My Cup overrunneth

Christmas Presence | #FollowTheStar | A taste for Africa | Blooming recycling | A Diocesan vision | Fresh fishers | Gathering pace | Lighthouse begins to shine | Graft reaps rewards | 259th Place of Welcome | Faith in Humanity? | Diary

Deacons 2019 - #NewRevs | A tall (ship) story | BioBlitz in churchyard | From Russia with love | Learning space for pupils | Discover Shropshire | 50 years of women Readers | Putting the house in order | Sue & Clare in new roles | Brave and ambitous

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