Emergency works (interim faculty)

Is your PCC seeking to undertake emergency tree works or emergency boiler works?

Prior to consulting the interim faculty information below, please first see:

An interim faculty allows works normally requiring a faculty to be undertaken without waiting for the full procedures of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules to be applied. An interim faculty is:

  • Usually only granted where there is insufficient time available for those processes to be followed
  • Available only in an emergency where the works proposed are unavoidable and are the minimum necessary to prevent a situation from worsening
  • Not designed to 'speed up' or bypass the faculty process

The interim faculty application process is administered by the Diocesan Registry, not the DAC Office.

In cases of urgency, the Registry aims to have requests for interim faculties turned round within 48 hours.

In cases of genuine emergency, interim faculties can be granted very quickly (potentially in less than one hour), but it is essential that those who believe that they are faced with an emergency contact the Archdeacon or the Registry at as early stage as possible.

It may be, however, that the Diocesan Chancellor will require advice from the Lichfield Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) or any amenity body before making a decision as to the interim faculty application. In such a case there may be delay whilst that advice is taken.

Application process

A church officer, usually the minister or churchwardens (or acting on behalf of them), should download and complete the following application form:

Reference is made in that application form to 'Form 1A', which applicants should also download and complete:

The completed forms, and any supporting documents, should be sent by email to:

Dire emergency

The Chancellor recognises that there will be some cases of dire emergency when there is no alternative but to carry out work, sometimes without even waiting for an interim faculty to be granted.

In such circumstances the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Lichfield will do all it can, within the law, to assist applicants who are genuinely protecting church buildings in an appropriate manner, and who act out of necessity even without formal authority.

For example, if a roof collapse occurs at a weekend, the incumbent, churchwardens and PCC will have an obligation to make the church safe and wind and water tight, and are acting out of necessity in honouring that obligation before contacting the Registry. The Court will seek to give protection to those who act in such a way.

However, the emergency works in such a case are unlikely to extend to making a permanent or semi-permanent repair which might impact on the structure, fabric or appearance of the building.

Getting help...

If you have any queries regarding the interim faculty application process, please contact:

Rosie Nightingale, Diocesan Registry Assistant
01902 393487 rosie.nightingale@fbcmb.co.uk

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