The Jesus Deck

The Jesus Deck is roughly what you may expect it to be, a deck of 54 playing cards illustrating the life of Jesus, with the four suits each from the four gospels. Its attractive and unique artwork makes it easily recognisable.

First published in the 1970s as a family card game, it is now increasingly being used by Christians as a unique way of introducing the life of Christ to those who may have previously had little or no knowledge of it, a useful phrase being to see where his life intersects with yours. The size and style of the deck means that is often compared with Tarot cards, and it has often been used by Christians as one stall amongst many at a succession of Mind, Body, and Spirit fairs and similar around the country and beyond.

Experienced Jesus Deck practitioner Penny Horseman of the Church Army was instrumental in getting the pack reprinted, and describes it in her own words here More of Pennys valuable experience and understanding of the Jesus Deck is available here.

In Lichfield Diocese, we have often found it helpful used as an intriguing Christian element at Church Fairs and other community events around the Diocese, and in this context, we have also found it helpful to helpful when used in conjunction with Psalm Readings and more information on these is available here.

If you would like to order a copy of Jesus Deck for yourself, they are available for 27.95 from Mission Magic here.

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