MDR - frequently asked questions

Is this review completely confidential?

The review is confidential to you, your reviewer and your Area and Diocesan Bishops. The reviewer will not disclose anything about the review other than through their summary. The Bishops will only receive the summary sheet, but see below about what happens if you and your Reviewer cannot agree the summary.

Should portfolio posts be included in the review e.g. Rural Dean?

Yes, the review is about your ministry, so include all of it.

I hold a part time chaplaincy, funded by a secular organisation. Should this be included in my review?

Yes, the review is about your ministry, so include all of it. You will have regular reviews in the secular funded part of your role, so you may only want to give an outline summary of these and the conclusions reached. However, there may be aspects of that role that you will be able to discuss more easily with your MDR Reviewer.

I do not receive a stipend and see the major part of my ministry in my secular role and workplace. Should this be part of my MDR?

Yes, the review is about your ministry, so include all of it. Your ministry in the workplace is just as important as your ministry within the church, so use this opportunity to review it.

If my review contributors have consistently marked me weak or developing in a particular area will you automatically expect me to address this in my objectives?

The review contributors are asked to give you feedback on your ministry as they see it, not an evaluation against agreed criteria.

Their feedback may indicate weakness in a particular area, that should be addressed, but in many cases it will indicate something far more complex, perhaps to do with change in church life or pastoral re-organisation.

It is important that you discuss the feedback with your Reviewer, so that together you can decide if any particular objective should be chosen in relation to the feedback. 

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