Enabling Church - Accessibility

1 in 6 people (at least!) live with some kind of physical or mental impairment. Jesus spent lots of his time and energy showing us that no-one is excluded from knowing and experiencing the love of God.

Gods story is often most vividly told to us by and through the lives of those who are commonly overlooked by the 'mainstream'. In the Bible, Jesus says 'The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these...Truly I tell you, what you do for the least among you, you are doing to me…'. Could we even be excluding GOD?!

The Good News is that when we try to experience church life from the point of view of those who are most in need of Gods comfort, strength, healing & hope we discover more of God too.

None of us are getting any younger so ask one another what may be causing people to stay away (uncomfortable seating / struggling to read the small print / walk to the Communion rail etc).

The role of the Diocesam Enabling Church Advisor is to offer resources and advice so that no-one finds themselves on the outside of the community you enjoy and want to sustain.

The Revd Zoe Heming

In autumn 2017 the Bishop of Lichfield licensed The Revd Zoe Heming as Enabling Church Adviser for our Diocese.

Zoe needs to use a wheelchair for much of her daily life and work because of chronic pain, and so not only knows the reality of disability in practice, but has also reflected and prayed about its meaning for Christian discipleship.

Zoe writes: God walks with us and can help us be less afraid of not being who were aged 20 - faith and gifts can still grow even as our bodies decline. There are so many simple, inexpensive ways to worship together and embrace one anothers gifts to make sure that no one is isolated from church life or left feeling like a bad Christian.

In 2015 Zoe told her story that unfolded as her changing physical abilities and call to ordained ministry collided:

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