Church of the Holy Spirit, Etching Hill

Location: The Church Of The Holy Spirit, Mount Road, Etching Hill, Rugeley, WS15 2TL
Tuesday: 11:00 - 13:00 
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Located down a quiet, leafy side road in a largely rural community sits The Church of The Holy Spirit, Etching Hill.  Sitting at the corner of the road and in a prime location for those on foot taking children to school or those with four paws being taken for a morning stroll, this really is a Place of Welcome.

A chalkboard with a welcoming message and an invitation for you to meet your neighbours inside this building that has been connecting with the community in which it serves for many years sits alongside a community planter full of colour. This Place of welcome is open every Tuesday between 11am – 1pm and, held inside the church hall area of the building, has been connecting with the community in which it serves for many years.

Once inside, it’s clear to see why the locals gather, making connections over a coffee and a slice of cake. I was greeted by regular volunteers, all smiling and welcoming me into the space before taking my order of a choice of coffees and teas.

Over in the corner of the room is a book table; free for everyone to browse and pick up a book or two to get lost in whilst enjoying their brew. But most attendees don’t have time for reading whilst here!

In the centre of the room, a hive of activity was creating laughter and little bags of kindness to be placed on the tree outside. Let me explain!

The Church of the Holy Spirit has several beautiful trees in its grounds and, at different times throughout the year, one of these trees is decorated with items made by the regulars of this group to give out, free of charge, to the local community. During my visit this morning, ladies were sitting sewing fabric hearts to go alongside a heart shaped chocolate and a message of kindness, all to be placed in a clear little bag and hung from the tree for anyone passing by to take. The heart theme for St Valentine’s Day which was close to the time of my visit but still a little too far away for the tree to be decorated yet with these gifts. I was reliably informed by many of the crafting volunteers that the tree gifts are usually connected to the time of year; an Easter themed kindness bag was already past the planning stages for the next decoration!

A further table had visitors from a neighbouring church visiting this group on the day I attended, chatting with one of the co-ordinors to share ideas and initiative ways to connect with the community around.

In a side room off the main church, there is a free counselling service available for face-to-face appointments two mornings a week and phone and online sessions are also available for those who can’t get out of the house.

During a second cafeteria of fabulous coffee another facilitator chatted with me about how they would like to connect further with the local primary school; an idea or two was shared and I think there was a sapling of an idea beginning to emerge to be planted to grow further! I’m confident that this, with time, will be yet another example of how this church, along with its Kindness Tree outside will further connect and be rooted to the surrounding community.

Thanks so much for your time and I look forward to seeing the decorated tree with another theme very soon!

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First published on: 20th March 2024
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