Statistics for Mission

The Local Mission Team have now collected the Statistics for Mission for 2017. 

THANK YOU to so many of you helping with the returns from your Church or Churches.

A summary report on the 2017 figures is available here.

We are always mindful that in almost all of the measures that we use with the national church, each number represents a human being, and hence we work especially hard in encouraging churches to keep track of their 'Worshipping Community' as accurately as possible as a Pastoral Care priority.

In working out Average Sunday Attendance for 2018, please use the authorised 'Blue Count Sheet' here, and the Worshipping Community Guidelines here. We have also produced some additional documents to help you with working them out; an Attendance Calculator here, a Blank Church Family List here, and a Pastoral Care Register here.

For churches who may be interested in keeping track of the attendances at their life events, on an entirely voluntary basis, editable trackers are available at the following links; BaptismsWeddings, and Funerals. If you're interested in doing this in 2017, please let Richard Barrett know.

  • A summary report on the 2016 figures is available here.
  • Reports on the 2015 Statistics are available as either a Summary or a Full Report
  • Reports on the 2014 Statistics are available here as either a Summary or in Full
  • Reports on the 2013 Statistics are also similarly available; Summary or Full
  • Reports on the 2012 Statistics are also similarly available; Summary or Full

We extend our thanks to our former consultant Ven Bob Jackson in working with us to produce each of the reports from 2012-2015