Safeguarding Training Opportunities 2019

A programme of Safeguarding Training events for 2019 has been organised with events taking place at various venues throughout the Diocese. While the Diocese recognises that some people may have difficulty in travelling large distances we do not have the resources available to provide training on a parish basis but have adopted a strategy that has identified centralised accessible venues in all of our Archdeaconries and ensured that that there are a spread of C2 and C3 face-to-face sessions in those places.

If you have difficulty in travelling because of illness or disability please contact the Safeguarding Team and we will consider reasonable readjustments to make training accessibile.

Safeguarding Training is valid for three years. 

For Safeguarding Training Dates near to you please click the link below for your Archdeaconry. 

Please be aware you are not restricted to training in your Archdeaconry and are welcome to attend a training event in another Archdeaconry if you wish to.