General Information about Churchyards

In this section you will find the Registry Guidance note about Churchyards, covering

  • their consecration and use;
  • maintenance responsibilities;
  • memorial ownership maintenance and safety; and
  • closure procedures and consequences.

The Registry Guidance note attempts to explain how these various aspects link together and will be of particular use to clergy.

The Diocesan Chancellor's Churchyard Regulations are also to be found here, dealing with the physical character of memorial stone and inscription which an incumbent may permit without a specific faculty being required. They also cover many other practical aspects of churchyard management.

Memorials: in addition to the guidance above, we have provided a link to the standard memorial application form which incumbents will require before any approval can be given within the Regulations. The form contains a statement by the memorial mason that they have read the regulations and that the stone in question complies with the regulations.

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