Registry & Consistory Court

What is the Registry and what does it do?

Please note: The Registry is working remotely and as such, we would please ask that you e-mail Pauline Hollington or Phil Collins. If your query is urgent, you may still telephone Andrew Wynne.

The Registrar and Bishop's Legal Secretary is Andrew Wynne. The Registry Assistants are Pauline Hollington and Phil Collins. Together they are responsible for providing advice to the Bishop and senior clergy and to the Diocese and its Synod and Board of Finance; they also advise parishes, their clergy and lay officers.

Contact details for the Registrar are below but initial enquiries are best made to the Registry Assistants Pauline Hollington direct at or to Phil Collins at

The main work of the Registry, apart from specific advice on particular legal questions, are:

  • the licensing of clergy who operate in the Diocese;
  • the consecration or licensing of buildings used for public worship;
  • the management of the system of Patronage dealing with the presentation of appropriate candidates to the Bishop for appointment as Rectors or Vicars;
  • the management of the legal aspects of vacancies in Benefices (that is, when incumbents leave) or the suspension of the right to present a candidate to fill a vacancy;
  • advice on church law relating to baptism, marriage and burial, including the grant of common marriage licences to those who are unable to marry under Banns, for whatever reason. Initial contact on such matters, unless in an emergency, should be made via the Surrogates (details of local Surrogates are in the 'Guidance on Marriage and Baptism' section);
  • advice about the regulations concerning Pastoral Schemes altering benefices, parishes or the status of consecrated land.

The Consistory Court deals mainly with the 'Faculty Jurisdiction' relating to consecrated land and buildings within the Diocese of Lichfield - this includes most Church of England churches and churchyards, a number of unconsecrated chapels and the consecrated parts of Local Authority cemeteries. The Chancellor of the Diocese of Lichfield is Dr Anthony Verduyn. The Deputy Chancellor is Christopher Buckingham; they sit as the Judges of the Consistory Court. The Registry enables the work of both Consistory Court and Registrar. Information about the Faculty Jurisdiction is contained under the headings of Churches and Churchyards and Judgments of the Consistory Court, in the pages to the right.

These pages and guidance notes are tailored toward particular areas that are dealt with by the Registry that may be of use for different types of enquiry.

We have divided the notes into several sections, for ease of reference. Some of the guidance is quite technical but we hope that it will nonetheless be useful. The Registry can assist if it is unclear, but we hope that clergy and parishioners alike will read the Guidance Notes on any topic before seeking our legal advice, so as to make best use of the work we do for the Diocese. All immediate or urgent enquiries not covered by the documents, can be directed to the Registrar's Office directly.


Mr Andrew Wynne

Telephone: 01902 578066

Diocesan Registrar 

Contact days: Monday - Friday 

Andrew joined the Registry team in 2012 as Deputy Registrar becoming Joint Registrar in 2018 and Registrar in October 2020.

He also has over 20 years' experience in commercial property law.


Mrs Pauline Hollington

Telephone: 01902 578005



Diocesan Registry Assistant

Contact days: Monday - Wednesday

Pauline joined the Registry in 2020. She has a background in Human Resources and the charity sector.

Pauline and Phil are the central points of contact for the Registry's work with others in the diocese and work closely with the Diocesan Advisory Committee.


Mr Philip Collins

Telephone: 01902 702033

Diocesan Registry Assistant

Contact days: Monday - Friday

Phil has a background in Law & Banking. He joined the firm in 2019 as a Paralegal in the Commercial Litigation Team and joined the Registry in 2021.

Phil and Pauline are the central points of contact for the Registry's work with others in the diocese and work closely with the Diocesan Advisory Committee.


The Registry is based at

FBC Manby Bowdler Solicitors
6-10 George Street
Snow Hill
Wolverhampton WV2 4DN

to which any correspondence should be sent.

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