PCC Governance

A useful way of appreciating the breadth of governance which a PCC is required to undertake is to contemplate the following Seven Marks of Good Governance [c]

An effective PCC….

  1. is clear about its purposes, mission and values, and uses them to direct all aspects of its work. PCC Members always act in the best interests of the PCC, making balanced and adequately informed decisions, and thinking about the long term as well as the short term.
  2. has adopted structures, policies and procedures which enable it to achieve its mission and aims and meet its objectives efficiently.
  3. sees sound governance as an important part of its stewardship. It has appropriate procedures in place and manages any conflicts of interest appropriately.
  4. manages and uses its resources (including finance, skills, knowledge, experience and assets) so as to achieve its potential. It plans and budgets effectively, including periodic review.
  5. views accountability and transparency as key values, and recognises that it is accountable to wider constituents. It communicates effectively, explaining its activities and decisions in an open and transparent way whilst maintaining confidentiality where appropriate.
  6. is flexible enough to adapt to change appropriately. Avoiding complacency, the effective PCC will want to increase its effectiveness in meeting its core object of promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church.
  7. acts with integrity, and in accordance with its values.
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