Ordinations 2023

Priest Ordinations

(Curates who are deacons are usually ordained as priests after one year)

Stafford Episcopal Area

Saturday 24th June 2023, 6pm Hartshill Holy Trinity

Ordaining Bishop: The Bishop of Stafford


  • The Revd Joseph Palfreyman
  • The Revd Jennifer Wright

Sunday 25th June 2023, 4pm St Michael and All Angels, Cross Heath

Ordaining Bishop: The Bishop of Oswestry


  • The Revd Philip Garrett

Sunday 25th June 2023, 7pm Kidsgrove

Ordaining Bishop: The Bishop of Ebbsfleet


  • The Revd Thomas Chapman

Wolverhampton Episcopal Area

Ordaining Bishop: The Bishop of Lichfield

Saturday 24th June 2023, 6.30pm Walsall St Martin


  • The Revd Alexander Keen
  • The Revd Amanda Mallen
  • The Revd Gareth Manser
  • The Revd Peter Carmody-Heaton
  • The Revd Susan Philips

Shrewsbury Episcopal Area

Ordaining Bishop: The Bishop of Shrewsbury

Saturday 24th June 2023, 6pm Kinnerley St Mary


  • The Revd Zoë Braven-Giles
  • The Revd Yin-An Chen
  • The Revd Philippa White
  • The Revd Christine Alexander
  • The Revd Kay Rogers

Deacon Ordinations

(Deacons = new clergy beginning their ordained ministry as curates)

Ordaining Bishop: The Bishop of Lichfield

Saturday 1st July 2023, 6pm at Lichfield Cathedral

Eleanor Cheetham-Wilkinson Wellington All Saints with Eyton (S.Catherine)
Jonathan Pedley Codsall
Dawn Walker Ashley and Mucklestone and Broughton and Croxton
Neale Wright Abbots Bromley, Blithfield, Colton, Colwich and Great Haywood

An album of photos from Saturday's deacon ordination service for ordnands and parishes to use is available on our Flickr account.

Sunday 2nd July 2023, 10am at Lichfield Cathedral

Alison Bruton Tettenhall Wood and Perton
Mark Cadwallader Tettenhall Regis
Philip Douglas Oxley, The Epiphany
Kerry Holt Willenhall S.Stephen
Emma Holton Walsall S.Peter
Joy Killian Pleck and Bescot
Nicholas Smith Penn Fields

An album of photos from Sunday's deacon ordination service for ordnands and parishes to use is available on our Flickr account.

#NewRevs 2023 - Dawn Walker

Prayer and pastoral care have been part of the service along Dawn's journey to ordination.

#NewRevs 2023 – Mark Cadwallader

Meet Mark - who you might describe as a bridge builder both at work and in his community

#NewRevs 2023 – Jon Pedley

"Church community holds a special place during different stages of our lives" - Codsall's new curate on being drawn ordination.

NewRevs 2023 – Joy Killian

The biggest misconception in preparing for ministry is, according to Joy, that people have tended to assume that you know everything there is to know about God and the Bible.

NewRevs 2023 – Neale Wright

"You can still maintain your own identity, personality and interests whilst serving in the church, God calls YOU." says Neale Wright, soon to be curate in the Abbots Bromley benefice.

NewRevs 2023 – Alison Bruton

Already licensed as a Lay Funeral Minister, Alison finds it a real privilege to help families as they face a really challenging time and bringing the touch of God to those who are grieving is a wonderful opportunity.

#NewRevs 2023- Emma Holton

Some think ordinands strange when they start wearing clergy robes... meet Emma, who has already mixed serious service for her local community with robing as a Christingle!

#NewRevs2023 - Nick Smith

"'I can't be a vicar's wife, I like dancing on tables in pubs too much.' Helen was my get-out clause." Wedding venues and shopping trolleys change minds in Nick Smith's journey.

#NewRevs 2023 – Kerry Holt

As well as patients, Kerry has nursed a vocation to ordained ministry through years working in hospital and serving in her Wolverhampton parish youth and children's work.

#NewRevs 2023 – Philip Douglas

"The advice that I would give to anyone exploring a vocation is to never give up." Philip's been exploring ordination for many years while having a fulfilling career and ministry as a Reader.

#NewRevs 2023 – Ellie Cheetham-Wilkinson

"Be open to all possibilities, even when it seems impossible, or you just can’t see how God could use you in such a way" says Ellie

Ellie Cheetham-Wilkinson
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