Zoe at historic gathering with The King

Published: 13th March 2023

The King's audience


The Revd Zoe Heming represented the Church of England’s General Synod at an historic gathering with The King.

Representatives from 27 organisations gathered at Buckingham Palace to present their Loyal Greetings to The King. Together, these organisations which have helped shape the UK’s diverse society are known as The Privileged Bodies. This long-held tradition dates back as far as the seventeenth century and takes place to mark significant Royal occasions.

As well as serving as a Lichfield Diocese clergy representative on General Synod, where she also chairs debates, Zoe is Vicar of St Andrew’s in Church Aston, Shropshire, and the diocese’s Enabling Church Advisor.

“It was such a privilege to be part of the General Synod delegation hosted by the King at Buckingham Palace with others involved in public life,” said Zoe. “It was heartening to hear so many affirming their commitment to working together to face the Climate Crisis and improve equality, diversity and greater inclusion of all citizens in our work for the good of the many.”

The Privileged Bodies are culturally significant organisations and institutions that reflect the United Kingdom’s diverse society, drawn from the education sector, as well as incorporating science, arts, and religious institutions. Traditionally, the Privileged Bodies are given the opportunity to present Loyal Addresses to the Monarch, representing the key role they play in British society. This year, to mark His Majesty’s Accession, the 27 Privileged Bodies presented their Loyal Addresses to The King, serving to emphasise and reaffirm their loyalty to the Monarch.

As part of the upcoming Coronation celebrations, Churches and communities across the country are invited to take part in the Coronation Big Lunch on Sunday 7 May and the Big Help Out, focusing on community volunteering on Bank Holiday Monday 8 May.

Photo: Zoe pictured on the front row next to the centre aisle (credit Ian Jones Photography).

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