Churches Festival has a ring to it

Published: 16th September 2013

For those who have always wanted to have a go at bell ringing, a perfect opportunity is just around the corner. As part of the Festival of Churches taking place in Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire over the weekend of the 14th and 15th September several churches are putting bells at the centre of their events.Lots of people fancy the idea of pulling on a bell rope and making a very loud noise, said Anni Holden, spokesperson for the Festival of Churches. I think bell ringing also represents some part of a long heritage and is still the same simple process it has always been it takes you back to basics.The Festival of Churches is a weekend of historic church based events at more than 250 buildings across the 3 Counties. Events range from local history displays, genealogy stained glass windows, churchyard trails, flower festivals, photographic exhibitions, arts and crafts concerts and other music events to every possible variation on teas coffee and lots of delicious food. Bells are the major feature at 7 churches but will be ringing at more than that.In Edgmond, near Newport, in Shropshire visitors will be able to climb up to the bell chamber itself to see the bells close up as well as seeing at ground level. St Peters Church dates from 1080 and for long periods had bishops of Shrewsbury and Stafford as its rector. The existing building is 14th century with a Saxon font. The tower has 8 bells. The beautiful stained glass windows include work by William Morris, while the north aisle has an unusual and beautiful etched Millenium window.More information about all the events being planned for the Festival weekend can be found St Peters Church has its own website here.

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