Hope flowers in Stafford

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    23 Oct 2019
    Pete Bate

    Green-fingered members of a Stafford church put their floral and artistic skills to creative use in a special display about the environment.

    St Paul’s Stafford is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year focusing on the past, present and future.

    A flower and arts festival to mark the occasion gave people from St Paul’s sister church, St Thomas & St Andrew’s Doxey, the opportunity to dream up a four-part display with an environmental theme.

    God's ongoing creation
    God's ongoing creation

    The display explored God’s ongoing creation in the past, our rubbish in the present and the choices of desolation or, with God’s grace and our action, seeds of hope in the future.

    Creation now
    Creation now

    One festival visitor reported: “They made the hairs on my neck stand up!”.

    Festival organiser Hilda Bowers added: “It was a privilege to play a part in such a joyous event. The floral display from Doxey Church was very thought-provoking, highlighting the damage to the environment but also giving a message of hope – it’s not too late to change.”

    Find out more about churches’ calls for climate justice across the diocese here.

    Hope for creation
    Hope for creation