Brave and ambitious

    The Chad Blog
    1 Jul 2019
    Sarah Bullock

    The new Bishop of Shrewsbury, Sarah Bullock looks forward to discovering Lichfield Diocese.

    When I read the Bible I hear the voices of God’s people and their stories of faith. These are not always straightforward or easy, but God is faithful and his heart is for all people to come to know him. In the New Testament we encounter God in his son, Jesus, and the Good News he brings is a message of love and justice for all people.

    As Christians we are called to live out this message of love and justice in our relationships as we share in God’s transformational work among his people and build communities of hope. Together we need to be open to the transforming message of God’s love for us.

    As Bishop of Shrewsbury I will be taking every opportunity to connect with people as we journey together as ‘pilgrims on the road’, discovering this message of hope for ourselves, our families, friends and communities, through conversation, relationship, worship, prayer and encounter. I believe that God has gifted me with a loving heart and a passion to walk with others as together we discover our place in God’s story and our home in God’s heart.

    The gospel message is also a call to dynamic living - stimulating progress, hopeful inattitude and encouraging of others as we live the Good News. We need to be brave and ambitious, creative and entrepreneurial if we are to be truly outward-facing believers,engaged with the world.

    I am really looking forward to our journey together!

    Sarah Bullock