No change, no worry!

    Lichfield Diocese News
    27 Sep 2018
    Pete Bate

    Contactless giving has arrived across the Diocese as new devices are trialled. The small terminals can be set up at the back of church buildings or passed around the pews. They are being tested in 18 parishes during a free trial period and the results so far are promising.

    As we move increasingly to a cashless society, churches can offer contactless for weekly offerings or one-off donations at weddings, baptisms or funerals. Donations of up to £20 can be made via debit card or Apple and Android pay and included in Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme claims.

    Diocesan Deputy Finance Director Jess Dace said: “Contactless is all around us, why not in our churches! It’s a great way for parishes to give people another option when donating and help ease administrative burdens.

    “The devices have eight-hours of rechargeable battery life so can be left securely on a table. Donations are sent via mobile phone signal so there is no need to worry about Wi-Fi - if there is no signal the data is saved until a signal is found.”

    Contactless had its first outing at St Mary’s Leighton, near Shrewsbury, at a baptism service. Treasurer Alison Sloan reported: “Most of the congregation had come armed with cash but one brave gentleman gave it a go and it worked as expected with no hitches. That’s a pretty good outcome for new technology!”

    The Revd Jim Trood, Rector at St Matthews’ Walsall which is also trialling a device, said: “One of the older members at our church said he thought it was great, commenting, ‘It’s so much easier than having to find the right money to put on the collection plate’.”

    Jess added: “The potential for larger services and occasional visitors is tremendous. We hope this will not only raise much needed funds but also encourage people to give more freely to furthering the Kingdom of God in our journey of discipleship together. We would love to have a device in every church over the next five years.”

    Further information can be had by contacting Jess Dace in the Finance department.