Mystery Worshippers

  • Would you like to know what a stranger thinks of your church if they came to it for the first time?
  • Are you curious as to whether your church really treats strangers as welcomingly as you hope they do?
  • Perhaps you feel you've got a lot of things about right, but you'd value a second opinion?

The Local Mission Team has a number of wonderful trained people available who will visit your church incognito, and feedback what they found to you a few days afterwards. Don't worry, it's not for publishing purposes, none of our reports will end up on the web or worse; we see this purely as a vehicle to help churches assess and improve their welcome, not to ridicule or point fingers. If we can help you assess where you may have possible room for improvement, then that's what we're here for.

To get more of an idea of what is involved please just ask Richard Barrett for a copy of one of the blank report back forms.

If you are interested in receiving a Mystery Worshipper free of charge, then please email Richard Barrett.

Becoming a Mystery Worshipper

If you know someone in your church who you think would make a good mystery worshipper themselves, then application forms are similarly available from Richard Barrett (email), although for obvious reasons there is a vetting process.

For general guidelines then please click here.

Mystery Worshipper Guidelines

<p>Many people are familiar with the idea of a mystery shopper. It is a way of checking that shops are doing all they ought to do for the customer. The mystery worshipper idea applies that same concept to churches.

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