Deliverance is a specialist ministry within the church’s ministry of wholeness and healing and hence is integral to its mission. It is not just about how we deal with individuals, but how we approach the whole nature of being the beating heart of our communities. For that reason, every diocese has a group of trained advisors whose role it is to support and advise in these matters.

Please note that referrals are taken only from parish clergy, (or if not available the rural dean). This is because your local parish priest is best situated to offer the follow up and pastoral care essential for your ongoing wellbeing.

If you or someone you know would like to discuss deliverance ministry, please contact your parish priest. Details may be found at

For parish clergy only:

Deliverance is restoration to our full humanity in Jesus and needs to be part of every church's life.

What should I do if someone is disturbed and comes to me for help?

All clergy should only undertake deliverance ministry under the direction of a member of the deliverance ministry team.

Please note that the diocesan advisors are not there to take over from your pastoral role, and you will be expected to remain involved throughout. It is anticipated that you will provide any follow up pastoral support that is required.

What happens next?

Parish clergy – please contact the team coordinator as follows:

Deliverance team leader: Revd Chris Precious Tel 01948 740177
or, if unavailable please contact your archdeacon.


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