Ministry Development Review (MDR)

All clergy on Common Tenure in the Lichfield Diocese should undertake peer assisted MDR every two years. In addition, every 4/5 years (in a year when you are not doing a peer assisted review), you will be invited by the Bishop for a conversation about your ministry and discipleship. The ABC (Archdeacon or Bishop Conversation) will be conducted by the Bishop or the Archdeacon.

Please note - MDR peer review forms were updated in March 2019 and so it is essential that you use the current paperwork, which can be found below. Please do not use forms from previous MDR reviews. 

See the Guidelines for Ministers which outlines the context of MDR in the Lichfield Diocese and gives clear instructions about the process. If you have any difficulties or questions concerning the process, please refer to the FAQs or contact Jane Instone, MDR Administrator.

Step 1 - Choosing a Reviewer

Choose three diocesan reviewers from the Reviewer List, which will be attached to the invitation for your review and reply with your choices, in order of preference, to Jane Instone (MDR Administrator). This should be done within two weeks of receipt of your invitation, so that the process can be completed in good time.

N.B. Reviewees in parish ministry should not select reviewers from their own deanery.

The administrator will notify you which reviewer is available. 

Step 2 - Completing the paperwork

Once your diocesan reviewer is agreed, you will need to complete the MDR forms listed below. This is an important part of the review process to help you in your own process of reflection and to clarify your thinking and also to provide useful background information for the reviewer. Please use the forms in a way that is most useful - for some this might be including insights from a personal journal, for others talking with a colleague or spiritual companion before writing may be fruitful.

There are four parts to the peer review paperwork.

Step 3 - the Review meeting

Your meeting with a diocesan reviewer is an opportunity for both reflection and challenge, to celebrate the positives and acknowledge the difficulties of ministry. In order to prepare for your meeting, your diocesan reviewer should receive your 180 degree reviews and your completed paperwork 2 weeks beforehand, so please allow time for this.

Step 4 - Evaluation

To assist the continuing development and improvement of the Ministry Review Scheme, you are invited to offer an evaluation at the end of the MDR cycle using this form.

All the MDR paperwork can be downloaded here.

For matters concerning the administration of the MDR scheme, please contact the MDR Administrator, Jane Instone.

Ministry Development Reviewers

A list of people willing to help with MDR

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