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Thank you for the hope you are bringing in these challenging times!

As lockdown eases, and as restrictions on the use of church buildings are gradually lifted, I encourage you to read through this new and regularly updated guidance as it arises and together to assess what this will mean in practice for you locally, in your parish, school, chaplaincy or Fresh Expression. I want to reassure you that we do not expect you to do more than you are able to, taking all local and personal factors into account, whilst making the most of the available opportunities to show and to share the love of Christ. If you have any questions, your archdeacon will be glad to give you advice.
Bishop Michael

Regularly updated guidance is available on the national Church of England website here. Please check you have the most up-to-date versions of  guidance, for which a new version may have been published.

We are producing regular updates through the Bulletin for clergy and other church leaders, staff and volunteers in Lichfield Diocese. Click here to receive these.

Around half of diocesan staff have been furloughed. Please use email in the first instance to reach staff who are still working - email addresses can be found here.

Meanwhile, we have collected here information on many aspects of church life - whether in parish, school, chaplaincy or Fresh Expressions:

Planning ahead resources links

5 June 2020

To help ministers prepare for weddings, funerals, baptisms and the re-opening of church buildings in the future when restrictions are eased in each of these areas, the Church of England has published the following resources (which also include liturgical resources for re-entering churches and memorial services). They are likely to be updated in the coming days and weeks so please check back on the Church of England website for the latest versions:

Resource links:


Virtual worship and resources

A selection of national and local broadcasts and streams of services, studies and meditation


Occasional Offices

Current information about Weddings, Christenings and Funerals during the pandemic.

This includes practical information for families and minister as well as legal information from the Church of England and dicoesan legal dept (the Registry).

The Ministry Shift

A new weekly ~15 minute live video resource for to support ordained and lay ministers

Pastoral Care and support

Our Wellbing support for clergy, diocesan staff and their families continues to work - see here for details.

And out Education team put together a support page around ‘Loss and Change’ and Covid19, drawing together recommended resources that are particular focused on schools but could be used by churches too. You can find them on the website here.

Safeguarding during the epidemic lockdown

Congregations continue to serve their communities and each other - but we must still have due regard for safeguarding our children and vulnerable adults

Finance and Covid-19

Advice and details for parishes including:

Church Buildings during Covid-19




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