God is Calling!

At baptism God calls all Christians to be disciples of Jesus. Some people experience a specific 'call' or 'vocation' to a particular job, role or ministry which may not necessarily be connected with the church e.g. carer, teacher, administrator. Some people receive a specific call to ministry in the church. Perhaps:

Ordained Ministry

Authorised Lay Ministry including Lay Reader

Church Army Evangelist

Religious Life

The Bishop of Lichfield’s guidance on age limits for licensed ministry are available here.

Finding out more

You may not be sure yet what ministry God is calling you to. There are a number of things that can help:

  • Talk to your Vicar:. He/she may be able to suggest books for you to read to develop your understanding of ministry and will be able to talk with you about your sense of call.
  • Come to a Quiet Day: As a diocese we run guided quiet days which are designed to help you discover and reflect on God's unique call to you. More information on these 'Called to be Me' days can be found here.
  • Meet a Vocations Advisor: Diocesan Vocations Advisers are available for you to speak to about your sense of call. They are wise and experienced clergy and laity who are able to assist you in discerning God's call. Please contact Angela Bruno (email) who co-ordinates the Vocations team if you would like to speak to an Adviser or complete the contact form below.
  • Join Pathways to Ministry: Anyone interested in lay ministry or Ordained Local Ministry, is invited to come onto the Pathways to Ministry course. Pathways starts in September each year and is made up of four Saturdays and fifteen evenings over the year, ending in June. During the year, candidates will explore some aspects of theology, understanding the Bible and reflect on the practice of ministry and the future of the Church. Pathways also provides time and space to reflect on the gifts and calling of each participant and participants are helped to determine what their next steps in ministry will be. More information is available here.