Hearing Loss

Top Tips

  1. Test your hearing loop before each service and announce that this is available by switching hearing aids to the 'T' setting.Include this information in your welcome pack or newsletter.
  2. Remember to use a roving mic which is compatible with your lapel mic to prevent the loop system from "dropping out".
  3. Use signage to identify seats in areas where hearing loop reception is good, as it does vary according to the design and construction of our buildings.
  4. Remember that there are different forms of hearing impairment and not everyone affected will be wearing hearing aids.
  5. Be sensitive, it is a delicate issue for many. It is important to recognise that people are not only embarrassed or self-conscious about needing to wear hearing aids but some are ashamed too, perhaps because they run the risk of being spoken to in a childish manner.
  6. Where you sit or stand in a room really matters as for some hearing impaired people (those living with Tinnitus or Menieres ) need to have the sound in front of them.
  7. Look at the person you are talking to if they can't hear you! Turning away from them to look elsewhere as they are speaking or even walking away makes hearing very difficult as sound waves are travelling away from that person.
  8. Try to be still as you speak! People chatting and turning away to look elsewhere as they are speaking (or even walking away) makes hearing them very difficult.
  9. Speak clearly and at a normal speed. Do not emphasise what you are saying by moving your lips excessively - it confuses the listener.
  10. Just think practically - if you want to get the attention then perhaps a gentle touch on their arm will let them know you are speaking to them.
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