Frontline Discipleship

Frontline Discipleship is about enabling people to live fruitfully and faithfully for Christ in their daily places of life and work.

Many churches have already used the LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) courses ‘Life on the Frontline’ and ‘Fruitfulness on the Frontline’ as well as hearing talks by LICC Director Neil Hudson. They have recently produced a new exciting course 'Whole Life Worship'. You can find out more about LICC and access details about their courses by clicking on the relevant link below;

Building on these, over the last two years Lichfield Diocese has worked with LICC to look at how we can embed the principles of frontline discipleship in the local church rather than just ‘doing a course’. Through this we have developed a package which is now available to all churches, delivered by local diocesan trainers. See a video clip  on the left with our Director of Mission George Fisher sharing more about it...

Church leaders are being invited to take part in this new initiative to help them equip people to live fruitful lives Monday to Saturday (and Sundays!).

There are six sessions spread over a year, normally delivered over an evening. Each session will help leaders to put frontline discipleship at the centre of key areas of church life.

A church’s key leaders are expected to come to all sessions but some are tailored to particular groups of people in the church. The sessions are:

  • Preaching for the frontline (for those who preach regularly)
  • Leading worship for the frontline (for those who lead worship regularly)
  • From pastoral care to pastoral equipping (for those involved in pastoral care)
  • Intentional relationships (for those who lead small groups or mentor people)
  • Children and young people (for those ministering to our children and young people)
  • Calling all Christians (for everyone, whether their frontline is work, home, or community)

There are two additional optional sessions; one on preaching and one on ‘Sharing our faith on the Frontline’.

There is flexibility to meet local needs – sessions can be held at weekends instead of evenings and some churches may wish to run some but not all sessions.

After the sessions, the trainer will meet with all key leaders of the church to review and discuss the way forward. They will remain in touch and suggest six and twelve month reviews.

The cost per church is £50 to offset resources. There is no charge for the trainers. Some churches may wish to present the materials themselves but the cost is still £50. This can be done with individual churches or groups of churches, such as a team or benefice (though a deanery would be too big), in which case the cost can be shared.

If you are interested, a trainer will come and meet with you and/or your leaders/PCC to discuss further and do a mini-presentation of up to 30 minutes. Please contact the Local Mission Office by emailing Richard Barrett or ringing 01543 622592 to find out more.