Enabling All - Enabling All Awards

We are committed to supporting our churches build communities with people of all ablilities. 

You are invited to join a growing movement showing people they matter to God & belong to the family! 

Gods love has no boundaries but our churches, usually without realising it, do. 

We have learned that often small, inexpensive changes can make a huge difference to the experience of access and belonging to our church communities. Are you ready to learn from the experience of experts - the 1 in 5 people in our communities with mobility, vision, hearing, sight, memory or cognitive difficulty? 

Sign up to Enabling All Awards to begin your journey - enabling.church@lichfield.anglican.org

Once you are signed up to take part, your journey has three phases:


 Introductory 'Enabling All' training: 

  • Top tips: Use our library of Top Tip videos 


Join our Certificate / Award scheme, signing up to three actions in the next 12 months – no action too small!
Renew your certificate year by year, identifying three new actions for the coming year. 
Network meetings: Attend our regular online network meetings – sharing learning, encouragement and support. 

  • Annual celebration: Join our annual celebration, affirming the journey forwards together. 


Community connections, beyond the church – building communities where people of ALL abilities are celebrated, empowered and valued. 

  • Begin your Enabling All Journey today by signing up to the Enabling All Certificate! 

Our offer to you...

  1. Free training series on simple steps to truly Enable All in our church communities. 
  2. Advice and Resources to suit all churches 
  3. Become part of a learning community sharing tips, experience and wisdom. 

Together we will encourage and inspire one another, sharing resources, wisdom& often overlooked gifts with others working to truly Enable All. 

Find out more about this and all our work by getting in touch: enabling.church@lichfield.anglican.org



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