Community of St Chad

Drawing inspiration from the life of St Chad, the 7th century missionary bishop of Lichfield, the Community of Saint Chad is an expression of modern-day monasticism. It has a geographically dispersed membership united by a common commitment to a spiritual lifestyle shaped by five Rhythms of Grace, and by participation in a Spiritual Companionship Group. The Community of Saint Chad welcomes any Christian who longs to grow in depth of discipleship and who is prepared to journey with others in a quest for a
life-changing faith.

A faithful founder

St Chad provides an inspiring example of what it is to be prayerful, missional and a faithful disciple of Christ. Chad’s association with Lichfield gives a regional identity to the Community which enables individuals and small groups to feel connected with one another and with the wider church. The Bishop of Lichfield is Patron to the Community.


Be with us, Lord, as we seek to follow in the footsteps of your servant Chad, whose humility and prayerfulness attracted so many to your kingdom.  Let our lives, like his, reflect the light of Christ and the hope of faith.  In the name of your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.


The Community of Saint Chad (CSC) was launched on March 3rd 2012 at a service in Lichfield Cathedral. 

The Annual Celebration Eucharist is held on the first Saturday after St Chads Day, the next one is due to take place on Saturday 3rd March 2018. This celebration provides the opportunity for people to become members of the community for a 12 month period. This would indicate a commitment to follow the Five Rhythms of Grace and if possible to seek to be part of a Small Spiritual Companion Group. However the commitment to become a member could also be made in other ways. The Chad prayers provide the liturgy which is used for joining the Community and are available as audio files to stream or download - see below. An application form for membership can be downloaded in PDF or Rich Text format. Please let Clive Lilley know if you want to become a member and if you would like to receive the regular newsletter which comes by e-mail.

Community of St Chad - Bishop Michael at annual service 2017
Bishop Michael and members of the Community of St Chad at the annual service 2017

Bishop Michael's sermon from the annual service 2017 can be read here.

The CSC Booklet provides information about the Rhythms of Grace and the small Spiritual Companion Groups as well a variety of resources including a pattern for daily prayer which has been widely used. The Booklet has proved to be popular – 6,000 copies are in circulation – and they can be purchased for £2 per copy. Copies are available from St Mary’s House, Lichfield (01543 306223). If you would like an electronic copy please select one of the following versions - Kindle, Android Phone or other E-Readers. The daily prayer is now available in audio format that can be streamed or downloaded (see end of this page), or bought as a CD from the administrator or Lichfield Cathedral Shop.

This video helps to explain more:

Chad Quiet Days, Teaching Events and Pilgrimages: During the course of the year we provide a range of additional activities and events details of which will be given here as well as being available from the contacts below.

Future Events

Thursday 7th December 2017 10.00am -4.00pm 

Advent Quiet Day at Shallowford House

Saturday 3rd March 2018 11am

Annual Service of Commitment


The Community of St Chad offers two courses focusing on discipleship and the Community's five rhythms of grace. The sessions explore discipleship today as well as drawing on the Bible and resources from the Christian tradition to reflect on God's world and our place in it see:  The Five Rhythms of Grace.  The courses lead naturally into the formation of spiritual companion groups - small groups which form the heart of the community of St Chad and which encourage on-going discipleship, accountability and support - see also:  Rhythms of Grace small group material.  

(To download a copy please click on the relevant link.)

A copy of the Community of St Chad July 2017 newsletter is available to download: click here.

Community of St Chad Rosary

Small Spiritual Companion Groups:

We strongly encourage people to be part of a small group (2-5 members) in order to share the journey of faith in a context of trust, encouragement and mutual accountability. The booklet gives guidelines for how the groups might operate. In time we intend to provide information so that ideas can be shared and small groups might be able to meet up regionally.

Do you want to know how to develop your small group?

A template outline of a Spiritual Companion Group meeting is available:
please click here to download a copy.

To listen to some daily prayer examples please click on the links below:


  • Philip Swan (co-leader): 07857 703303 or email
  • Lindsey Hall (co-leader): 01543 306225 or email
  • Pauline Shepherd (prayer): 01543 418451 or email
  • Clive Lilley (membership, administration and newsletters): email

Sister organisations and initiatives:

We are keen to stay connected with others who are on a similar journey – to learn from one another and to pray for one another.

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