Churches Show Age Aid

Published: 17th June 2012

CHURCHES from around the diocese will this week be showing how they are working with older people.

Some 30 churches, together with relevant organisations, will be displaying materials at Lichfield Catherdal in support of an evening lecture on Wednesday 20th June at 7.30pm by established author and community theologian Ann Morisy (pictured) entitled Age on the Agenda.

She will be addressing the question How the church can best respond to the opportunities and challenges of age? and this very relevant lecture looks to be an interesting and thought-provoking evening. Entry to the lecture is free and booking is not required.

Ann will be facilitating a multi-disciplinary symposium developing a Diocesan Action Plan that supports churches with the Diocese of Lichfield as they respond to the opportunities and challenges of our ageing, as both individuals and communities. Workshops have already taken place on a range of subject-related material including Older People as Volunteers, Care in the Community, Dementia and End of Life.

As well as the displays, there will be cameos by 10 people.

David Primose, Diocesan Director of Transforming Communities commented:

Over the coming years, older people will make up an increasing proportion of the population. Churches have a crucial role to play in inspiring generosity and working for a society of mutual support between the generations. Ann Morisy will help us to respond to this challenge.

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